Sunday, February 26, 2012

26th 52! My mom's snowman birthday cake!!!

First off I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! For her birthday my mom asked me to make a snowman cake. She wanted the bottom tier cake with homemade icing and the top two tiers rice krispy treats covered in fondant. I made the rice krispy treats two days befor ei needed them thinking I could shape them later. I couldn't; they were hard and brittle. So my mom suggested I warm them up in the microwave so I did and they- thankfully- got soft enough for me to shape them! I made the cake in the shape of a ball using a special cake pan my sister got me for Christmas. So I iced that and put the top two layers of rice krispy treat covered fondant on top of the cake put a dowel in and started decorating. I noticed it was tipping so I jammed some fondant in between the bottom layer of rice krispy treat and the cake layer. it stopped tipping but about a half-hour late when I finished his scarf I noticed that the cake part was starting to cave. It was because the top two layers of rice krispy treat were too much weight for the poor cake to hold up. so I took the top layers off and stuffed the part where the cake cracked with more fondant (fondant fixes everything ;)). Then about half an hour before we ate  dinner the next day I put the cake back together and took pictures. It tasted pretty good and at the end of the day when it's all cut up it doesn't matter what it looked like before just what it tastes like!!

  • One cake shaped in a sphere
  • Two rice krispy treat spheres  (One smaller than the other)
  • White fondant- 24 oz
  • Peanut M&M's
  • Food dye- Royal blue and Orange
  • Long thick pretzel sticks
  • Fudge covered graham crackers
  • Fudge stripe circle cookies (don't think that's their real name but you get what I mean.)
  • White Icing
  • Red/Yellow fruit roll-ups
  • Optional- Mini marshmallows to decorate the edge of dish
Cover the two rice krispy treat spheres in fondant, you may need to ice in cracks or ice to get the fondant to stick, and set aside. Ice the cake part. To make the face attach five brown M&M's to make a smile and attach to to make eyes on the smallest rice krispy treat tier with icing. Take some fondant and dye it orange and shape for the carrot nose. Dye some fondant royal blue and roll out thinly for the scarf, if you want you can cut the ends to make fringe. attach the top two tiers with a dowel and put the scarf on. Attach buttons onto the bottom two tiers. To make the the hat attach four of the graham crackers together with Nutella or chocolate icing and attach one of the fudge stripe cookies with more Nutella. Put a strip of red fruit roll-up around the base. Attach the hat to the top tier. To make the broom take three yellow fruit roll-ups and put them around a pretzel stick. texture them and then cut the ends with scissors or a knife. Put a strip of red fruit roll-up around the edge to make it look like a broom. To make arms break a pretzel stick in half and dye a little fondant royal blue. Make the fondant into two mittens and attach to each half of the preztel stick with icing. Attach the arms with icing, sticking it into the fondant pretty deep. Attach all three layers with the dowel, and sprinkle mini marshmallows on the plate! And enjoy! (Sorry if I missed anything! It's a lot to write about!)


  1. Okay this was my 26th 52!That's half way done! So what does everyone think? Any favorites? Think I've gotten better? I'd love to hear your comments!!! and as always ideas are totally welcome!!!

  2. Your cake looks awesome! Be a baker when you grow up and make me delicious treats!

  3. I say something involving shamrocks, (cuz of st. patty's)