Tuesday, January 3, 2012

18th 52! Holiday Cake Pops!

I wasn't happy with these. Well I wasn't happy with these at first. I made these for my family's holiday party and they tasted awesome (I mean you really can't make cake, icing, and candy coating taste bad!) but I didn't like the decorations. I dipped these (with the help of my sister Madeline ((Mads)) ) but we didn't decorate them. My plan had been to dip them in red, green, and blue candy coating but we ended up just using red and green coloring. I also had planned to decorate them as ornaments- using white icing. But the icing kept slipping off. It all worked out in the end though with some ornaments and some cake pops looking like presents (my mom did those).

Remember cake pops are a unique thing and no two ever look alike, so be creative!

Ingredients that I used:
  • 35 cake pops (dipped in holiday colors (I used red and green)
  • White icing (16 oz jar)
  • Icing tips or Ziplock Bag cut at one corner
How I made them:
I dipped my cake pops in the red or green candy coating and once they were dry piped frosting on in different designs to make them look like Christmas balls. To make them look like presents You can pipe icing around the edges and pipe a bow on top!

(I will be putting pictures of my last couple 52's as soon as I can!)
(Again I don't know where the pictures of these went ((I only have these 2)) but as soon as I find them I will post them.)

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