Friday, September 2, 2011

Banana Boats! My First 52!

Banana Boats!!!
We had a bonfire a couple nights ago and I decided to make a banana boat. These are simple to make and taste DELICIOUS! I think that these just might taste better than s'mores! I put in Nutella, toasted coconut marshmallows, chocolate mint marshmallows, and a crumbled up Reese's fast break. Enjoy!!

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 Banana
2 Tablespoons of peanut butter or nutella
Mini marshmallows
4 blocks of hershey's chocolate
Nuts, candy, or whatever else you want to add
Enough foil to wrap around the banana
A Fire
Here’s how to make it:
Cut you’re banana in the peel down the center but not all the way through. Slather with as much peanut butter or nutella (or both) you want, then put in your chocolate pieces, next add your marshmallows, after that add whatever else you want to put in. Now you’re ready to cook! Wrap in your foil tightly and put on hot coals in a fire. Cook for 5 minutes, take it out unwrap the foil and eat your treat!

5 minutes prep 5 minutes cooking
Before I cooked it
I added LOTS of Nutella

Ready to eat!! YUM!

In the fire


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  2. I think u should do red velvet!

  3. we used to make these in scouts when i was a kid, only without nutella because it wasn't popular here yet. we did PB instead. looks awesome!!

  4. thanks for the comments (haley) hehe
    my mom gave me the idea because we did this in girl scouts!