Tuesday, December 6, 2011

14th 52! Nutcracker Cake Pops!

These were awesome! I mean it. I am very proud. I had doubts because I don't make cake pops to often especially not ones that I came up with the idea for.... Yep, I came up with this idea! See my sister, Grace, was in a production of the nutcracker. The ballet. So I thought it would be cool to make these because I haven't made cake pops yet for a 52! If you want instructions on how to crumble cake and such you should see my cake pops post... I don't have the instructions here.

  • 18 cake pops with tan candy coating ready to dip
  • 18 cinnamon imperial noses
  • 18 pairs of eyes cut out of fondant (white for whites, black for pupils)
  • 144 little bones (I will post a pic of these later) (8 for each head 4 for each side)
  • 18 mouths (white fondant with black edible pen)
  • 18 Rolo candies (for hats)
  • 9 mini marshmallows cut in fat slices (to make beards)
The great thing about cake pops is that you can experiment with the decorations. You can use whatever decorations you want to make it your own! The key is preparation. You don't want to be counting candies while dipping and realize that your 10 candies short!

Here is how I did it:
I dipped one then quickly attached the hat, eyes, nose, mouth, beard, and hair in that order and let them dry! Of course its the preparation that counts! The counting candies, rolling and cutting fondant shapes, melting candy coating, dying candy coating. It's a lot. But its oh so worth it at the end... You might not think so when your waiting for them to dry but once you bite into these things.... You'll be in love!


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